Recent Online Casino Inclusion in New Jersey, Warrants DraftKings’ Expansion
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Recent Online Casino Inclusion in New Jersey, Warrants DraftKings’ Expansion

At this point nothing can stop the evolution from taking its course when it comes to DraftKings tapping into new territories, proving that it has more to offer than daily fantasy sports (DFS) only.

Next on its agenda to ensure their elevation to new heights was dabbling with the online gambling market as they usher in its NJ online casino terrain, by bringing DraftKings Casino into the fold of its heralded NJ sports betting app.

The game plan unveiled via the DraftKings mobile app stipulated both Android and iOS platforms as touchpoints of operation, using the blackjack game as a catapult into the online casino world.

At the rate DraftKings has been developing in New Jersey, possibilities are endless as far as provisions DraftKings Casino has in store to enhance their online casino game services.

NJ Online Casino At The Fingertips Of DraftKings Casino And Sportsbook

Immeasurably, the other two highest earners collectively cannot match up to Golden Nugget online casino judging by their prolificness previously shown over the past two years. Their spearheading fling on the NJ online casino market has been maintained for as long as it could have, yet is not guaranteed to last given the recent developments that have occurred.

Who would have thought that a casino brand would accept their first online bets, partner with Resorts on a retail sportsbook opening, and also embark upon a new online casino concealing its first game in the process – all in just four months. Also, as they keep up with Golden Nugget online casino, DraftKings secures their fair share of an upper hand on NJ sports betting revenue, claiming a 60 percent portion of it.

DraftKings quite proves to have a better understanding of their clientele. On its part, provided that a recurring theme for them is about maintaining course and adapting to the online-sphere, they will fast-track towards gaining a one-up over Golden Nugget from its leading position.

Tried-and-true, DraftKings online casino is shaping up for a worthwhile operation. Especially by incorporating a substantial catalogue of online games through DraftKings Casino via both online gaming verticals giving Golden Nugget no chance of prevailing, assuming that an online sportsbook hasn’t been added to its platform.

NJ Online Casino Industry Aiming To Reach The Zenith

To a modest a degree, there’s no chance of the industry decelerating guaged by the record revenue numbers posted in November. In addition to all, early 2018 saw the inclusion of Hard Rock Online Casino and Ocean Resort Casino which has evidently boosted those numbers.

Beyond everything, it is also highly-necessary to comprehend the mystical factor relating to FanDuel Sportsbook’s position in the market. In what seems to be a sequential evolution from daily fantasy sports to online gaming to sports betting, DraftKings and FanDuel have been consistently running concurrently in their respective journeys.

Their onset activities described them as the initiators for the first sportsbook to accept an online sports wager and the first DFS heavyweights to accept live sports wagers, each of which DraftKings and FanDuel hold accountable respectively. Formerly getting their feet wet as DFS giants validated their current solid positioning in the ever-growing NJ online sports betting industry.

Tip Of The Iceberg for DraftKings Online Casino

Only time will tell as of now on how DraftKings will fill its validating role as a major partner to FanDuel, considering that European gaming giants Paddy Power Betfair recently roped them in this summer purely to spread out its wings.

At this moment, above and beyond their wielding obligations with Betfair NJ online casino, Paddy Power are in the cards of benefitting from FanDuel’s home-ground advantage taking into account their clout in the US and being identified with their branding on.

Furthermore, gaming expansion has been pinpointed as the next frontier the fully functional states are toying with forcing to apply regulation structures. It seems to have rubbed off promptly to their neighboring state Pennsylvania, who are embracing the idea so far out of some of its counterparts.

Come rain or shine, the natural progression which extends from DFS to sports betting to online casino precisely predetermines DraftKings’ outcome, which inevitably compels FanDuel’s acquisition. DraftKings first move might be their best move.