NJ Sports Betting Online Exclusive Promos - Free Bets And Bonus Cash At FanDuel Sportsbook NJ
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NJ Sports Betting Online Exclusive Promos – Free Bets And Bonus Cash At FanDuel Sportsbook NJ

Can’t keep track of the variety of NJ Sports Betting Online promos? Keep calm as we are going to guide you through all of them and help you take advantage of the best ones.

Currently, NJ online sports betting is available at seven venues:

Take a look at the top promos offered in 2 NJ online sportsbooks on three individual sports.

Top NJ Sports Betting Online Deals

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ’s World Series Run Bonus

The MLB fall season has already started and it’s about time to find out who will triumph – the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Boston Red Sox.

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ will give you a bonus if you guess the highest scoring team, as both must score runs, in order to come in first.

To participate in the game, you must make a minimum moneyline bet of $50 on the team of your choice before the World Series are over. FanDuel NJ Sportsbook grants you a bonus of $5 for every run scored by your team.

You can use this bonus in two different ways. The first one will add it to your moneyline prize. For example, if you wager 50 dollars on the Red Sox, you’ll get $83 as the moneyline is around -150 and plus an additional $5 for every run. So, in case the Boston’s team wins 5-3, you’ll receive $98 back.

And if the Boston Red Sox lose, the run bonus will be an offset to the potential loss. To be more precise, if you’ve bet $50 on the Dodgers, you’ll receive $15 back because they scored three runs, according to the aforementioned example.

The maximum amount of the daily bonus is $200. And in case the game was a high-scoring one, you might have a freeroll on your moneyline bet.

BetStars NJ’s NBA Overtime Bonus

Overtime can be described as the most excruciating sports time. The game gets even more dramatic when both teams fight for the win in the last minutes.

To make this hard time a bit more bearable for bettors and decrease their worries, BetStars offers the NBA Overtime Bonus.

In the event your NBA team is defeated during overtime, BetStars will compensate you with a free bet. You can be calmer if your pick doesn’t win it during the four quarters.

To qualify for this bonus, your moneyline bet must be placed prior to the match beginning and you can wager on any NBA game.

BetStars will give you a maximum of $20 in bonus cash in case your team is defeated during overtime. To fully benefit from this deal you must carefully estimate the amount of your wager.

You can gain a lot with this ongoing promo. Every week, you can place a maximum of five qualifying wagers at BetStars and win up to a hundred bucks in free bets.

Betstars NJ’s 80+ Minute Goal Insurance

This deal is for all the soccer fans out there. Similar to the overtime bonus, the 80+ Minute Goal Insurance promo from BetStars NJ can minimize the anxiety of a late goal.

When a deciding goal is scored after 80 minutes of the match are over, you will get a free wager. It can worth up to 20 bucks so choose your bets wisely.

In order to participate, you must bet on a game in one of the leagues mentioned below:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • English Premier League
  • MLS
  • MLS Cup

Your wagers must be on Match Result, placed prior to the game start.

The promo isn’t valid for penalty kicks or goals scored in extra time (after the 90-minute mark). To qualify for a free bet, the deciding goal must be scored after the 80th minute from the game start, and up to the full time (90 minutes).

These top 3 NJ Sports Betting Online promos can make you rest assured that even if the game is cruel and your team loses, at least there will be something to warm your heart and make the loss more tolerable.